Pink Fire Pointer Hotdog57 Strikes Again

Hotdog57 Strikes Again

Tomorrow (Friday) is my 35th birthday. I will soon be a man, with hair where there was no hair before. Specifically, the one I've had in my mouth for the past two days. Seriously. I had my hair cut two days ago and I still can't get rid of a bloody hair that's lodged behind my fucking tongue. The faces I'm pulling are hilarious to everyone bar bloody me!

Because it is a Friday as well as my birthday, I really don't fancy working. I asked my boss, Hotdog57, on Wednesday if I could have Friday off.
"Bloody hell, Carter. It's a bit short note- ah go on then." he smiled. "What do you want the day off for?"
"It's my birthday and I fancy a lie in."
"Really? Don't you want to do something different for your birthday?"

I'm sure I don't know what he means.