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Free The Bexley One

If you, like me, have ever slagged off anyone in authority using the medium of words, the current predicament of sweary blogger and avid Tweetist @Sir_Olly_C should have you rather worried.

As Max Farquar wrote:

Calling Someone The C Word On Twitter Is Now Officially A Crime

I’ll repeat that shall I … if only to try and convince myself that I’m not dreaming … calling someone the C word is a terrible crime that will see you in court, prosecuted, found guilty and facing a custodial sentence. That’s official because the blogger and tweeter, Olly Cromwell, has today been found guilty under Section 127 of the Telecommunications Act 2003 of making a grossly offensive and menacing comment on Twitter.

Apparently, Olly called a Bexleyheath councillor a cunt, on Twitter, and a District Judge has now referred Olly To Bromley Court for sentencing. The prosecution are asking for a custodial sentence equal to 45 days for each letter.

What. The. Actual. Fuck.

I share the same feeling as the guy over on the Bexley is Bonkers website … you’d expect Twitter to be alive with this story … but it isn’t. Check out the hastag #FreeTheBexleyOne … it’s hardly wall-to-wall outrage and fury. Why is that? No. Seriously. Why is that? Am I missing something here? Everyone must be crapping themselves about using a four letter word on Twitter. Is it because everyone is becoming increasingly wary about what they say on Twitter these days?

Perhaps someone could enlighten me.

Where on earth is all this nonsense leading? Is the government and TPTB finally beginning to tighten the noose of the free speaking internet. Is thought … now officially a crime?

You can  check out the full story about Olly Cromwell, the Bexleyheath councillors and the latest updates on #c*ntgate HERE. And, if you should be reading this Olly, I’m stunned at the outcome so you must be feeling like you’re leaving in an absolute nightmare.

My thoughts are with you [there but for the grace of god and all that] and I just hope that someone comes to their senses and you don’t have to serve a custodial sentence and if this humble blog might be of any use to you, in any way, just ask.

+++ UPDATE : 21:50 +++

An excellent post, which provides a concise timeline of all the events leading up to today’s guilty verdict, can be read HERE. If anyone else has blogged on the issue then feel free to leave a link in the comments.
Many thanks to the hundreds of you that have tweeted and re-tweeted this post. Keep spreading the word. The more people that know about this … the better ;-)

There's something rotten in England at the moment.

Olly's own post on the subject is here.

Deja Vu, The Death of Freedom of Speech & Dirty Tricks

I started this blog post a few days ago, and subsequently changed my mind about publisihing it, for the simple reason that if I continued to write it I’d lose my temper and do something silly. Adorning the top of this post you will see two images. Look VERY closely at them for they are documented proof that freedom of speech and expression in this country is not only dead, it’s decomposing and leaving a stinking, rotting stench behind. A stench which I fear is spreading, rather fucking quickly. Let alone the lack of any sort of legitimate justice.

The original post was only going to be about the proposed restraining order that the CPS were applying for. Alas! Life she isn’t that simple, or nice really, she likes throwing more than one rotting cunt flap at you in one go. I’ll get to that bit in a minute, I just want to comment on the proposed restraining order. It’s not going to be a lengthy analysis, just important points that I want to make.
Please find attached a copy of a draft Restraining order which the Crown intend to apply for at the conclusion of these proceedings be it a not guilty or a guilty finding
Yes ladies and gentelmen, regardless of whether I am innocent or not I am still going to have the additional punishment of a Restraining order. Do you see? REgardless of whether I’m guilty or not they’re still going to get their way. Such is justice in the god forsaken corrupt cunt of a country.
But wait. It gets a whole lot better. A whole lot better.
For the purposes ofprotecting the persons listed in the Schedule attached to this order from HARASSMENT *********** is prohibited from:
1. Causing any statement to appear on the internet which relates to any person listed in the said attached schedule. For the avoidance of doubt this includes continuing to allow a statement made to remain on the internet.
2. Approaching, contacting or attempting to contact any person listed in the attached Schedule.
You can get back on your chairs now, because I have some points to make…
For the avoidance of any misunderstanding, the attached schedule is a list of names of people who are elected representatives in the London Borough of Bexley. There’s 63 of them. Further than that I cannot tell you who they are because my existing bail conditions prohibit me from saying who they are.
Here we go then:

1. I was charged with non-violent harassment after various people made false statements and allegations to the police in an effort to silence my criticism of the council. A letter of prevention of harassment was incorrectly issued to me containing false allegations and outright untruths.

2. I was found not guilty of harassment, after a fashion. Trial postponed once because the prosecution hadn’t even prepared for the case and then eventually leading to me being found not guilty of harassment, because the prosecution didn’t have enough evidence, nor could they prove I’d harassed anyone. Not guilty of harassing anyone at any time whatsoever.

3. The prosecution then charged me under the Malicious Communications Act after their failure to prove I’d harassed anyone.

4. This restraining order is attempting to stop me from harassing anyone in the future, a charge which I’ve been found not guilty of.

5. This restraining order is attempting to stop me from harassing anyone retrospectively by ordering me to take postings down off the internet because it’s “harassment” blog postings I might add that have been up through the duration of my trial. In other words during my trial even those weren’t enough to find me guilty of harassment.Now they need to come down.

6. I am not permitted to approach any of the people listed on the schedule. Bearing in mind that these are all elected representatives that means the state is restricting my access to the democratic process.

Sucks huh? Do you think that’s right? If you’re one of the 63 people listed you probably do, but that’s because you know that I and many other people know that you’re corrupt, and even if you aren’t you’re corrupt by association. Yes I swear, I call you names, but almost every one of the posts I’ve made about you contains factual information about the council proving how corrupt you really are.

If you’re not one of those 63 people I’m going to take a wild stab and say you’re probably in agreement with me for the most part, and it is to you I am appealing to with this blog post. I need help. I’m asking for you to please help me. I know what’s happening isn’t right, you know what’s happening isn’t right so I’m asking you to help me fight this. Please!

As if that’s not bad enough I am rather happy to report that I’m having a real bad case of Deja Vu and again I am asking for your help with this one. Once you have read this blog post I’d love for you to post the link to this post and pass it on via Twitter, Facebook, email, whatever I need this story given as much publicity as possible because out there somewhere is someone with a bit of common sense who can put a stop to this.

If they can’t then we’re on a very slippery slope to where we really don’t want to be…

So here we go. Deja Vu…

Earlier this morning I received a phone call from DS Zia of Bexleyheath Metropolitan Police. He invited me to go and speak to him at the police station today. I enquired as to what it was about and he refused to tell me. I asked whether it was going to be like last time and I’d be arrested. He refused to tell me. I advised Mr Zia that I wasn’t prepared to go down to the police station unless I knew whether I was going to be arrested or not.

His response was that if I didn’t come down to the station he would come and pick me up from work. So that pretty much answered the question whether I was going to be arrested again. Mr Zia in fairness did suggest that if I was too busy to go down to the station today I could do it tomorrow. I agreed with this and offered to meet him there at 8am tomorrow morning.

As I made this offer I realised that perhps this time around it would be better off to take my solicitor/barrister with me and I made the following proposal to Mr Zia: That I would come down to the station with my solicitor just as soon as I could find out what time he was available. This was agreeable to Mr Zia and he commented that it was very advisable to have my solicitor with me.

The second indication that I’m not going to be entertained by plod with tea and scones. What I’m going to be arrested for this time I have no fucking idea, I know I’ve not breached my bail conditions, and as you may have noticed I’ve not blogged a lot about anything apart from my trial for quite a while.

I need all the help and support I can get so please, please pass the link to this post far and wide, it’ll be greatly appreciated and we might even save our right to freedom of speech before it’s too late.


Anyone got any suggestions? Seems like he's being stitched up and no mistake. The Heresiarch himself pointed to a post by Sunny Hundal (No, really) for its spot on-ed-ness, this one in fact. When I saw that the Heresiarch had endorsed Sunny Hundal's view, I groaned.

Heresy Corner is a blog that regular points out what everyone is missing when it comes to almost any subject that finds itself in the public domain, linking to Sunny Hundal immediately made me fear the worst. If you were to metion Olly C and Sunny Hundal to me in the same breath, I would automatically assume that they were locking horns. Instead, I find that Sunny is behind the Bexley One on this.

Fair play!

Free the Bexley One.