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NIMBY Of The Decade

Cannock Chase has a Social Worker's Club that has been there for quite some time. A gentleman by the name of Darren Mapp, built a house right next door 2 years ago. The house is that new that you can see it as a building site using Google maps. To save you the bother, I’ll include it below.

After moving in to his new house two years ago, Mr Mapp wasted no time in putting in a complaint about the noise. The club now faces closure because of one noise complaint from someone who was stupid enough to build a house next door to a social club.

This is on a par with people who move to the countryside after years in the city and complain about the smell of pig shit. Or, for a more recent Black Country story, those that move next door to a cricket club and complain about the fact that there is a cricket club next door.

The gene pool could certainly use some chlorine.

It has been suggested, not by me I might hasten to add, that if Mr Mapp has the funds to buy a plot of land and build a fair size house, given that communicating with all of the relevant authorities (greasing the right palms) is no small task too, that Mr Mapp has designs on the club. Or rather, to get it shut down, buy the building and its land, which has to include a nice size car park, knock down the club and build on it.

That's an awful lot of green space right opposite, wouldn't you say?

Something stinks and, Darren Mapp, I reckon it's you.