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British Heavyweight

For a long time, the term British Heavyweight meant an also ran. Frank Bruno and Lennox Lewis finally put an end to that malaise and brought some credibility back to the British Heavyweight boxing scene. All that went out of the window last night as Derek Chisora tried to out thug David Haye and got a bottle in his face for his troubles.

The footage has been all over the news and various internet forums since I woke up this morning and shows no signs of slowing down.

If you can't quite make out what happened after Chisora went over and shoved Haye, these should help.

Oh dear.

It certainly looks like David Haye punched Dereck Chisora whilst holding a bottle. That doesn't necessarily mean that he hit him *with* the bottle, but it's a bit of a no no to say the least. All the same, the authorities will be unlikely to let Chisora off for responding with threats to shoot David Haye. "I am going to shoot David Haye" is what he actually said. I don't think there's much wiggle room on that.

At least the Klitschkos seemed to find it funny, you'll see in the video clip above that they clearly are not bothered by the whole thing. They're fighters, why would they be?

The problem now, aside from the obvious ones of how Haye and Chisora will be dealt with, is that the term British Heavyweight is once again marred. The Klitschko management team have said that due to the problems they've had with Haye in the past and Chisora's recent, for want of a better word, antics, they will look to other countries for future fights. Seems a bit unfair on the rest of the population, but hey, if Chisora gave Vitali a hard time in the ring then they know Haye would be far more dangerous.

The Wrestlemania crap that happened last night does not detract from the fact that Chisora would get messed up by Haye, Tyson Fury wouldn't even have the power of Audley Harrison to worry Haye and that Haye is currently the only prospect in the division that stands a chance of worrying the Klitschko boys. They now have all the excuse they need to say "We're not fighting that hooligan."

Boys, you've screwed up big style.

Edit: Here's another video from a different angle, that I have seen posted elsewhere

After seeing the Sky Sports News footage, the first mobile phone clip, the pictures above and this latest angle, it's clear how it went down.

Bernd Boente, manager of Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko, dismissed Haye as a future contender and were rude to him, acting as if he were not in the room.

Haye didn't like this and argued that the Klitschko team had agreed terms with him and were now backing out. Chisora got involved in a slanging match, found that he didn't have the brains to come up with anything more interesting than "How's your toe?" and decided to square off. He approached Haye, gave him a little shove and Haye hit Chisora with a left then a right with the bottle in his hand. A melee ensued and Chisora's trainer got caught with a shot:

It also shows that Booth got the cut from Haye swinging a tripod stand and, that for all the bluster about bad boy Chisora, he didn't really do much except under estimate what Haye's reaction would be when he squared up to him.

Oh, and say he was going to shoot him. That's kind of important too.