Pink Fire Pointer PPI Part 3; The Final Part

PPI Part 3; The Final Part

I had a feeling that the spamming would start once I posted about PPI. As a legend of Chard Cricket Club would say, I shoulda known.

They always leave the same badly written comments too.

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I have two words for these people with the Indian IP addresses; piss off. I also have some more.

I like to think that you lot are smart enough to know not to use those shysters but just in case you missed the message, don't use them. Ever. It's your cash and letting someone else swindle you is not going to help your case when I take over the world and need to make a judgement call on who lives or dies.

The reason I'm writing Part Three on this particular subject is because the nice people who are looking to get 25% of your payout, certainly don't point out the amount of time this stuff can take, especially if you take the wrong route.

Banks are large, well oiled machines. They have been around for as long as contract law has and they know exactly what they're doing when it comes to making money from you. Taking your cash and ensuring that your latest purchase from Amazon is done as rapidly as possible is meat and drink. Over your overdraft limit? Then expect to get jumped on the second that happens.

When it comes to dipping back into those profits and giving it back, all of sudden the well oiled machine appears to have sprung a leak, jumped a gear and the turbo packs up.

The only reason for this is certainly not that banks have underestimated the amount of effort it would require to pay people back. They know full well what a task of this scale requires, so they've decided to drag their heels and wait until they get told off.

I will say though, that once I got through to someone at the bank who, um, how can I put this delicately, supported the same national football team as I do, the process was made very simple and, due to the result I had today, successful.

There's no doubt in my mind that I’ve always been behind the eight ball when it comes to managing cash and that I must mend my ways.

I wasn't allowed pocket money as a kid. Actually, that's not true; I was for a short time. I started sticking up skittles at 12, started a paper round at 13, worked Saturdays at a fishmongers, babysat a couple of times a week and added more skittles jobs and paper rounds, right up until I left school at 18 and headed to University with absolutely nothing in the bank to support me.

I had a very good time when I was a teenager.

I’m starting to think that because I found it easy to get a nice wedge whilst young, I didn’t need to worry about a budget and probably carried that attitude with me for a good few years longer than I should have. It’s quite possible that was the case because from the age of 14, I was earning 100 quid a week tax free and 20 Benson were still less than 2 pounds a pack. I bought my first car, a Cortina Estate affectionately known as Ecto 1, for a quid from my Nan and it cost an extra 10 pounds on my Mum’s insurance to get me covered.

Hahaha! I can just a imagine today’s 17 year olds swearing at their screens at how easy I had it. Trust me, kids, it wasn’t *that* easy. We just made it look so.

Form an orderly queue, ladies.

It’s silly really, I learned the value of earning my own money at an early age and I also learned how to spend. What I never learned to do was adjust my spending with my income. Why wouldn’t I until it was too late? I wanted something so I bought it. I was earning and up until I was 18, I always had a guarantee that come Friday, I could pay for it.

Hindsight is twenty twenty as they say and now that I’m out of the mire, I fully intend to stay there. It’s too goddamn expensive being poor.